Moooove over: cows in India walk along at the same pace as those at home. Drivers toot to let the cows know they are coming, but they never seem to pick up their pace. Bovine are just another obstacle along the course.

In India, cars drive on the left side of the ride, cows wonder the streets, and traffic lanes are a suggestion. Drivers squeeze into every inch of the lane — scooters, two-wheelers (motorcycles), auto rickshaws (motorcycle with an open carriage that can carry two ladies and their three children). When squeezing up to the next driver, each person honks. It’s not an angry honk. It’s just toot, toot, coming up next to you. Don’t move over now. If you reached out the window, you could pat the shoulder of the fellow next to you.


Who has the right-of-way? Arne’s take is that whoever noses out first gets to go. Case in point: the mango cart started across the road and a van coming faster got into the street first. He tooted the horn telling the mango man “I’m going.” Without shifting even one fruit from the perfect pyramid, he slid his sandals across the pavement halting the cart in time to yield. Mango man needs a horn…


2 Replies to “Streets of Bangalore, India”

  1. Julie

    Looks like fun! The friendly horn toots are the same in Costa Rica, but we who are used to angry horns still get a jolt at first, eh?

    • kathleenspoto Post author

      Just figured out how to reply, Julie! Didn’t realize the Costa Ricans were beep-beeping along the way too. We haven’t seen a crash yet and everyone is just inches away.

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